Stories Showdown: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & More!

Hey, there folks! So you know these story things, right? Like, everyone’s been buzzing about them. Whether you’re in a cafe, a gym, or just chilling at home, there’s a good chance someone’s swiping away, watching stories. And guess what, with so many platforms now offering stories, there’s this big question: which one’s the best?


Oh, before I jump in the deep end, there’s this tiny thing I found. If you’re kinda nosy (like me!) and wanna know what others are up to on Instagram, just use Instagram story viewer by Inflact. This is like the magic tool, guys. You don’t even need to install anything. And yeah, you can be all sneaky-sneaky ’cause it’s totally anonymous. So, next time you want a sneak-peek, you know where to go!


Instagram and the Rest: A Quick Dive


  1. Instagram or Snapchat: Who did it better?
  • Beginnings: Okay, so Snapchat was the dude who started all this story-stuff. They were the pioneers! Instagram? They joined the party a bit late but oh boy, they came in with a bang.
  • People using it: Snapchat is kinda the go-to for the younger peeps. But Instagram? It’s like the big market. Everyone’s there – from your younger sis to big brands trying to sell stuff.
  • Cool things to do: Both of them got cool things to play with – like those funny filters and quizzes. But, you know, Insta’s got some extra stuff. There’s this “Swipe Up” thing and you can even shop from there. Neat, huh?
  1. Instagram & Facebook: Brothers or Rivals?
  • Together-ness: Facebook and Instagram are like siblings. ‘Cause, Facebook owns Instagram, right? So you put a story on one, and bam, it shows on the other.
  • Who’s on it: Now, Facebook’s kinda mixed. You got young folks and your grandma too. Instagram, though? It’s like everyone’s favorite place.
  • Which one’s more fun?: If we’re talking stories, Insta kinda wins this one. People just seem to love it more there than on Facebook.
  1. Instagram vs. The Newbies (Like Twitter and LinkedIn):
  • How easy is it?: Twitter has these “Fleets” and LinkedIn tried stories too. But they’re like the new kids. They do the job, but they ain’t as fancy as Instagram.
  • Why use it?: LinkedIn’s all about work stuff. So, if you wanna share your new office desk, cool. Twitter’s more chill. But still, when you want the real fun? Instagram’s where you should be.

Why Instagram is the Star

  • Save it for later: Insta’s got this thing where you can save your stories. So, if you did something really cool, it doesn’t just vanish in 24 hours.
  • IGTV: Only Instagram has this. It’s for when you got loads to share and a story just ain’t enough.
  • Knowing stuff: If you’re into the whole business scene, Instagram shows you how your stories are doing. You can see who checked it out and when. Pretty handy, right?

Oh, and if you ever get stuck or need to see what the top folks are doing, there’s a handy thingy you might want. The IG story viewer by IGSV. It’s no cost at all and super quick. So, if you wanna see what’s hot and happening, that’s where you look.


Time for Some Qs and As:

  • Which one’s the top platform? Well, no one’s really “the best.” Depends on what you want. Wanna sell? Try Instagram. Just for fun selfies? Snapchat’s cool.
  • Can I show my story everywhere? You can! Especially if you’re using Facebook and Instagram. But make sure it makes sense for where you’re posting.
  • Where to get some ideas? Gotcha covered! The IG story viewer by IGSV is there for that. You can sneak a peek at the trends and get your brain buzzing.

Wrapping it up!


Okay, so we talked a lot, huh? From Snapchat’s young vibes, Facebook’s everything-for-everyone feel, to Instagram’s just pure awesomeness, every place has something. The trick? Find where you fit in. And remember, it’s not just about making stories, it’s about enjoying them too. So, go on, explore and have a blast! Until next time! 😉 😉 😉